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Some people use poetry for God to express their love for the Supreme High, letting them connect more to the Almighty Father.

Love for God allows a person to appreciate everything around us, including our existence and the supernatural phenomena that our Almighty Father provides us to see the miracles of day. Writing and reading poetry for God is one way Christians express themselves and understand a deeper connection with the One above.

Pamela KC Hollrah-Asleson’s Yoked with Christ is a collection of poetry for God. The author uses her writing talent and passion to create a stronger connection with God. She uses her words to give inspiration to the readers, telling them that Christ is with us. Furthermore, when we feel like we have been pulling a heavy load on our life trajectory, there is always beside us – Christ pulling with us.

Yoked with Christ is one of those books that expresses love for God through poetry. How does poetry for God help us with our life struggles?

Head-to-Heart Link

We always hear people say we should follow our hearts, but some also say to listen to our heads. Poetry for God helps build a link between the two powerful parts of our body – the head and the heart. Inspiration we can get from the poems can help us think and feel more.

Fuel to Passion

Poetry for God provides inspiration to the readers and to the writers. This type of poetry is fueled by passion, which also makes it a fuel to passion itself. When a passionate writer works magic on the structure and emotions in the poem, the readers can get what the writer is talking about. With this, the writer creates a connection that helps convey the Word of God through the creative way of making compelling poetry.

Poetry helps us bring more color and images to our imagination. With this, our passion helps us see a better direction to take on with our lives. Moreover, delving deep into poetry helps us understand ourselves more and our capabilities. Furthermore, the Bible always states that we should make use of our talents to help us move forward.

Writing Technique

When you have the passion to write poetry for God, you can practice your writing techniques. There are different types of poetry to express what you feel. Using these techniques, you may experiment with new approaches that should help you with your expression towards God. You may discover clever ways to use words, metaphors, allegories, hyperbole, analogy, idioms, and other useful figures of speech.

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Deeper Understanding of Deep Texts

The Bible uses different interpretations of deep texts from the original versions of its books. Most of the texts in the Bible use metaphors, idioms, and analogy, which could confuse or challenge the readers to find the truth of the mysteries. Poetry allows you to understand the deep meanings of the scriptures. When you have the skills of a poet, you should have ideas on how to analyze the texts. Some stories in the Bible have hidden meanings behind their characters, artifacts, and phenomena.

Mental Well-Being

Writing poetry can help a passionate writer have control over mental well-being. Poetry has its freeing effects on people, letting them find freedom from the burden and stress that bother them.

Saying a Prayer

You can use poetry to express a prayer. Some prayers that we recite are in their poetic form, helping us memorize and analyze the different parts of devotion. With this, you can have the freedom to explore how you structure a prayer and how you can still connect with God using your poetic knowledge and passion.

Faith Reflections

Poetry frees you from stress and doubt tagging along in your life journey. As a writer, you can use poetry to reflect your faith in God. Since God’s miracles have their own mysteries enveloping us, we can find ourselves strengthening our faith as we reflect on our experiences. As a poet, we can use our poetic flow to express testimonies that God is with us all the time.


Pam is a poet and a registered nurse with 40+ years of experience. She uses her poetry to write journals about her life. Pam is also an active Toastmaster, regularly giving speeches in her club, community, and speaking events. Life Safety is her passion, giving her an opportunity to speak. This platform helps her hone her skills for speaking and gaining experience.

Pam is strongly passionate about her belief and relationship with God, letting her use her speaking and poetry talents to express her love and convey messages.

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