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People must overcome life’s challenges, for these mold people toward having better character, sharpening their skills, and empowering their lives.

The world is filled with countless reasons for people to be pessimistic and fearful.

Wherever one looks, they’re mostly welcomed with cynical and defeatist news like these have been normalized. From the constant threat of wars to worldwide structural declines, the world has recently been on more unsteady grounds. It has become more and more uncertain, and most aspects of it are unstable. Nobody knows when hardships will strike and how they will strike. Hence, if there’s something history has repeatedly taught people, it’s to be prepared for whatever may come.

However, history has also reminded people time and time again that regardless of what comes their way, they can overcome life’s challenges and crises and come out victorious.

The world may be filled with hardships and setbacks.

But people are more capable of facing them head-on and bouncing back.

Why Is It Important To Overcome Life’s Challenges?

Little Child by Pamela Hollrah Asleson perfectly captures the trials that naturally accompany life. It’s the second piece of the author’s devotional, encapsulating how struggles and suffering exist regardless of people’s age. Using Pamela’s experiences, the book reflects on the abundance of these tribulations that randomly strike anyone. But at the same time, it also captures how individuals can overcome them, even with the apparent lack of control and knowledge.

The author draws on literature and Christian faith to show that people can grow above these hindrances. She embraced the concept of Jesus sharing her burdens and utilized poetry to mold her struggles into a powerful source of wisdom. Her book is a step-by-step aid to reflection. It gives readers exercises encouraging them to be stronger when things turn ablaze.

If there’s anything the book teaches people, life isn’t easy. But it also doesn’t happen empty-handed. There may be times when people can heave a deep sigh of relief when their days are going according to plan. But this doesn’t automatically mean adversities are nothing but bygones.

Problems are a life’s staples.

As unfortunate as it sounds, these are impossible to avoid.

Even the richest and strongest people encounter them, proof that these exist regardless of people’s circumstances. Life may often seem like a never-ending battle. But when people overcome life’s challenges, they’re also given growth opportunities. This is why they must be equipped with resilience and the capacity to deal with these adversities head-on without giving up.

Every time people overcome life’s challenges, they also lead themselves to success. Hence, these hardships serve as stepping stones to growth and development.

How Does One Build Resilience To Power Through Hardships?

Life can seem complicated because it’s filled with adversities.

But one thing is certain: people are also equipped with the right competencies to defeat these, and all they need to do is nurture these skills with tenacity and grit. People overcome life’s challenges by themselves. These issues may have been due to external factors – the environment, government, or other people, but nobody else can find a solution but themselves.

In overcoming adversities, people are allowing themselves to look inward at the skills they already have and, at the same time, grow beyond these existing traits. It’s easy to be overwhelmed in crises, to feel like everything else is caving in and the ground is giving up. However, here are principles that help people navigate and overcome life’s challenges.

Hardships Are Means Of Giving Feedback

Upon encountering mistakes and misfortunes, people aren’t only introduced to the concept of limitations and what they’re capable of. While these primarily allow them to realize what they’re only capable of doing, they also provide a sense of redirection and lessons.

Whenever life gives hardships, it’s showing them what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their lives. It allows them to struggle while subtly leading them to better paths that may benefit them. These struggles show people their weaknesses, allowing them to examine and grow around or with them.

Focus And Attract A Certain Outcome

When people focus on the negativities, they’re most certainly only going to see the downside. This starts a feedback loop that will only highlight things going downhill. The same concept applies to hardships – the more they believe things are bad and won’t be resolved, the more they’ll attract this outcome. Instead, to overcome life’s challenges, people must tweak their minds and visualize themselves out of the situation.

This may seem completely unconnected. But believing that things will be better hacks the brain into visualizing and doing what people have thought of. This encourages them to believe that things will get better, thus empowering their bodies to perform and be productive. People must believe they can deliver what is right to overcome life’s challenges.

Certainty is the enemy of uncertainty. And while suffering, those with the most stability will triumph over those without. People secure themselves by molding their brains into thinking things will be correct, giving them the steady ground to figure things out.

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