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As Pam struggled and grew through her trials several mentors suggested she share her poems verbally

“One mentor, Dr Stan Miller, asked pam to put some of her poetry into book form, Specifically a “Coffee Table Book”. He indicated many people struggle but not all have the words to express their emotions and God’s part in loving and caring for us. He said it is a spiritual gift and should be shared, not horded. “

Released in 2019 and revised in 2023, Poet’s Heart God’s Gift: Yoked With Christ is a devotional workbook that helps those who are struggling to know they are not alone. 

To show that Jesus pulls beside us as we  bear our burdens. 



“In Yoked with Christ, Ms. Hollrah-Asleson has provided a poetic window into her heart and soul, a journey of perseverance through the afflictions of life and the hope that has sustained her.  Ms. Hollrah-Asleson has created a devotional/workbook for those who choose to be hitched together with the divine bearer of burdens, who “pulls alongside us,” so that we might know that we are never alone and can persevere as well. ” 

 – Stanley R Miller, Psy D, LP 

“Pam is a very insightful and inspiring speaker who imediately captivates her audiences through her heartwarming keynotes. Authentic and cincere, her powerful message will touch your heart and move you to action. If you are looking for a speakerwho will connect with your audience, hire Pam for your next event!”


-Vitalia Bryn-Pundyke, M.Ed./DTM

Founder and Director of Speaker Biz Institute, LLC –

The school for speaker success! 

Professional Speaker, Author, Coach

Pam Hollrah-Asleson has created a very unique and heartfelt poem that intrigued my interest right away. The devotional is thought provoking. I enjoyed the exercises throughout. I recommend Yoked With Christ to any Christian. It helped me organize my own thoughts in my current struggle.

– Brian Hinton, DTM


“I met Pamela a few years ago through a Toastmaster Club and the first time I went to her office downtown, I saw this wonderful poem on her office desk and was immediately attracted by it. And as usual, Pam didn’t hesitate to give me one copy of it. This is one of the powerful strengths of the author and speaker Pamela KC Hollrah- Asleson: she has a wonderful and tireless giving heart, and I can’t hold myself from expressing here my deep gratitude for her life and all the support she provided me in my life’s journey in Austin, Minnesota. Now, back to this foreword. “Yoke with Christ” is a pure spiritual treasure writing in a simple and beautiful language that makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of your age and your English level, because this poem speaks straight to your heart. As a matter of fact, If you are looking for comfort, hope, and the assurance that you are never alone in your life challenges, grab this book and read it. The poem along with the deep-thinking exercises offered by the author will positively change your perspectives about life and will softly connect you to the powerful and never-ending presence of Jesus-Christ in your life. Thank you so much again Pam for this amazing and perennial gift to the world of readers.”

– Herve Idjidina

CEO of GSIB (Growth Solutions for Individuals and Businesses)

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